Thursday, May 31, 2012

Four exams vs. Freedom

 ~ Four exams stand between me and Summer, so I'd thought I'd make myself even more anxious by taking pictures of the things I plan on reading/painting/playing/etc over the break. ~

That old beat up skim board in my Dad's shade garden...could become a table top...could look groovy in my room. Heck, maybe I'll take it out to the beach and try not to break my leg.

Play my guitar without having homework on my mind, and walk my pshyco dog, it's been a while.

READ. Some poetry, and some non-fiction. Plus, everyone's seen The Notebook, but no ones actually read it. I will change that. (It's super short too!)

Those pots in my Dad's garden (not that type of pot...not that type of garden) I'm pretty certain they just became my new art project. (Man, my Dad has alot of random things there.)

I've been doing so much running lately that I have neglected the heavy bag in the garage. But how do I let out my anger towards math class if schools over? I'll live.

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  1. These photos are awesome, Kay! I love the book one. We will live at the library this summer :)