Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday wish list: Double denim and fake guages

I've had a recent fashion fascination with denim shirts, and paired with these cut offs, from, I am astounded that I am in fact digging double denim.

These mocassins would match my Minnetonkan fringe bag, also in brown, perfectly so that I can obnoxiously show up at school like I just came out of the movie Dances with Wolves (one of my favorites by the way.)

 I have to admit that I think I am more drawn to looking at leather bound journals then ever getting around to writing in them. Most of the times that I buy a journal it ends uo under my bed somewhere, but I have a set goal of starting up my poetry writing again. Plus, come one how cute are the trees.

Pearl Jam will always and forever be the BEST 90's grunge band, I don't care what you say Nirvana lovers. I mean come on guys, on vinyl, that I can play on the record player I stole from my parents...I think I more than want this: NEED THIS.

So...I kinda...don't really...haven't ever...gotten aorund to getting my ears pierced. I know, gasp, BUT I shall get my ears stabbed very soon  (this summer) and when I do I am going to buy some wooden earings.
Wood is so cool.
Anyways, at first I wanted them to be normal studs, but after seeing these fake guages, also from Esty, I'm digging the tribal thing. Well, when am I not digging the tribal thing?

Lastly, with final exams around the corner all I want to do is drive to North Carolina, sit in a tree, and not think about Physics or Pre Cal, or even Art History...but definetly Pre Calc.

1.True Grit Denim Top

2. Women's Classic Fringe Boot

3. Forest For The Trees Leather Journal in Primitive Brown- 6"x5" Medium

4. Wood Earrings - Sahara Spiral Tails L/Red Fake Gauges

5. Ten (Deluxe Edition) Pearl Jam

[Vinyl] 2xLP $18.99
buy at -
photo from -

6. Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina
photo from -

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